Stop Making Excuses! 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Personal Brand Photography Now

Even if a business owner creates nice graphics and catchy content for social media, without personal brand photography, their business isn’t going to come across as being as professional or legitimate as the competition. The problem is, not everyone loves being in front of the camera or is comfortable sharing photos of themselves. However, that’s precisely how you’ll connect with your ideal audience, and really, it’s the best way to show them you’re a  pro.

So, what’s been stopping you from scheduling your personal brand photography? Is it insecurities or uncertainties about the investment? Today, I’m sharing four reasons you should schedule your personal brand photography right now and take your business to the next level.

Personal brand photography pro Ann Blake, photographer in Philadelphia, poses for the camera.

Reason #1. You’re Perfect Just The Way You Are

We all want to look and feel our best when we know the spotlight will be on us. But what we forget is that in this moment of our lives, whatever size or shape our bodies might be, we should be celebrating ourselves. 

During your personal brand photography shoot, you can count on me to guide you on the right poses, wardrobe choices, and styling tips. I’ll give you tips and directions to create the most flattering looks possible for your unique self. More importantly, though, I want you to give yourself some grace and the self-love you deserve.

Limiting beliefs can get in your way at any turn on your professional path. And right now, you have to shatter any ideas you have about what your body should or could look like. Boss up and love every part of yourself. You bring so much more to the table than your looks. 

Tap into your confidence–it’s in the same place as that fire you have to grow your business. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and it doesn’t matter what size you’re wearing as you do it. Your ideal audience isn’t making a hiring decision based on how much you weigh, and losing weight isn’t going to make or break your success.

Studio shots of Philadelphia personal brand photography photographer, Ann Blake.

I Know Because I’ve Been There

Loving yourself just the way you are can be easier said than done. I’ve been there! With a busy schedule and wearing hats as a mom, wife, nurse, and a growing photography business owner, I’ve gained weight over the years. It happens! But I almost didn’t want to market myself as a photographer on social media because I didn’t like how I appeared on camera.

I realized, though, that with the limiting belief that how I looked mattered, I was keeping myself on the sidelines and holding myself back from enjoying life and celebrating my wins. So, I decided to stop getting in my own way. I made a choice to let myself live an authentic and happy life and love myself the way I deserve.

Do you know what happened? Things changed for the better. When I started showing up as myself in my business and on social media, fupa and extra pounds and all, my business began to skyrocket. I started seeing the joy in photos of myself, not my weight or my body. People began to really connect with me for who I am and the services and experience I can provide them. Extra weight I carry has nothing to do with how I show up now.

Ann Blake, a personal brand photography pro, poses for her personal brand images. Ann is based in Philadelphia.

And if someone were to have a problem with how I look or what size I wear? I’d run. Seriously! Toxic folks don’t have a place in my life or business, and you shouldn’t let them take up space in yours, either. 

If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself, but don’t let it keep you from showing up as you are today and creating the path you want. Trust me, and take a lesson from my journey: live your life without regret, or you’ll kick yourself later for doubting how badass you really are!

Reason #2: I Need A Bigger Budget and Following Before I Invest in Professional Brand Photography

When you’re first starting a business, there are a lot of expenses to plan for. Trust me, I know! Before you’re established and successful, generating a steady stream of income is priority #1. But here’s the thing: Those expenses you’re paying for, are they the ones? A lot of times, you’re probably spending money in the wrong place. 

If you’re not seeing a return on your investments just yet, you might be thinking that any investment won’t be worth it. What’s important to realize is that your online presence, especially during uncertain times, is the key to connecting with your potential customers. Investing in showing up professionally and confidently is one of the best things you can do. It’s worth it.

Personal brand photographer Ann Blake, Philadelphia, poses for the camera.

I know it can be pretty daunting to think about growing a successful following and turning those followers into paying clients. But with professional personal brand photography, you create a first impression that sets the tone. You show your followers that you’re credible and legitimate, and open the door to the possibility of them wanting to work with you.

Reason #3: I’m Not Photogenic… and I’m Awkward in Front of the Camera!

I’m going to let you in on a secret: no one has ever come to a personal brand photography session with me thinking they look like a supermodel. I’m serious! I’ve worked with amazing, accomplished professionals, but even the most badass entrepreneurs will say to me, “Ann, I’m not photogenic. I’m so awkward. I don’t know what to do.” 

And yet, at the end of each session, they’re always ecstatic and energized. Everyone comments that I made them feel comfortable, relaxed, and that it was FUN. My goal for each client is to create a fun and easy experience where they can enjoy themselves and leave the creative direction and posing to me.

There isn’t room for any awkwardness because you’ll be hearing a lot of “YES, girl!” and “Okaaaay, I see you!” I’ll help you bring out your best qualities in front of the camera, and I’ll encourage you to let what makes you uniquely you and beautiful shine!

Personal Brand photographer Ann Blake shares her tips for why you need personal brand photography images - Philadelphia.

Reason #4: It’s Too Expensive

Okay, we’ve already talked about why professional brand photography is a worthwhile investment. But now, let’s dig a little deeper into why it’s valuable. 

Getting professional photos done the right way will allow you to use them time and time again in your business. Your photos will represent you and help you connect to your audience everywhere, from your website and social media to speaker bios and brochures. 

With professional imagery, you won’t be wasting time DIYing your photos or trying to add filters and edits that make a random assortment of headshots look like a cohesive set of images. Your time is valuable! Having quality images will let you use your time to work in your zone of genius, make moves in your business, and show up as the CEO to delight your clients.

Imagine having a library of perfectly branded images to pull from whenever you have a content need. Knowing that the colors, lighting, and theme represents your business that you want to be sharing. 

Ann Blake, personal brand photographer, poses for the camera (Philadelphia).

If you don’t invest in your brand and show your audience and clients that you’re the professional you are, how can you expect to increase your prices, work with dream clients, and reach your business goals? Investing in professional brand photography might seem expensive, but in reality, it’s the first step in creating the income you’re working toward.

Your Time is Now

No more excuses: It’s time to show your audience who you are and to take your business to the next level! Contact me to set up your session and get ready to feel great, have fun, and get images you’ll be excited to share!

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