What to Expect at Your Personal Branding Session With Me

For some solopreneurs and professionals, a photoshoot all about them is something they can’t wait to do! For others, it can be a little nerve-racking… even scary. I get it! Having all the attention on you isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But a personal branding session is a crucial step to growing your business, and I take every opportunity to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed so we can capture the photos you need to market yourself professionally and successfully.

Here’s what you can expect at your personal branding session with me. If you’ve been on the fence about scheduling a photoshoot, or unsure about how it all works, this is a must-read for you!

Professional Primping to Highlight Your Beauty

I’m a firm believer in natural beauty and that you don’t need makeup to look great. However, when it comes to your personal branding session photography, makeup is the secret weapon for highlighting your best features. You know that feeling when you have your favorite mascara or lipstick on: It’s empowering!

Not only does professional makeup accentuate your beauty, but it creates a polished and professional look in your photos. That’s why professional makeup application is included in every personal branding session. Whatever your style or signature look might be, we’ll have on-site makeup application to make sure you feel your best. And when you feel your best, it shows up on camera!

A Plan for Your Wardrobe

To create looks that you can use across various areas of your business–from social media to your website–we’ll plan to photograph you in several outfits that represent you and your business. Together, we’ll go through your wardrobe and outfits for the day, and I’ll give you my best tips for choosing the looks that will work for your brand and that will be authentic to who you are. 

The wardrobe you choose for your personal branding session paints a picture of who you are and what your prospective clients can expect from you. It’s your chance to put your personality on display and to express yourself and what makes you you. Whether your style is casual and approachable, or more polished and refined, your outfits set the stage for how you run your business.

With a clear idea of your wardrobe choices for your personal branding session, we’ll create a curated shot list to make sure we capture the images you need so you can show up in your business with confidence!

This would be a good spot for an image of a client wearing something vibrant/eye-catching, or of Ann doing the same!

A beautiful woman smiles in a decorated room. Philadelphia photographer Ann Blake makes sure your personal branding session is fun and relaxed.

Get Comfortable With Your Space

It’s hard to be 100% comfortable relaxing in front of the camera. To make sure you’re totally at ease during your personal branding session, we’ll do a walk-through of your venue or home/workspace. 

This will give us a chance to look at the best spots for your shoot, for me to share my suggestions on the spaces that will work best, and for you to get a feel for where we’ll be shooting. That way, you know exactly what to expect during your shoot, and you can be totally at ease with where you are. 

Planning an Amazing Personal Branding Experience

One of my favorite parts of personal branding sessions is getting to know clients and learning about their businesses. For me, your shoot is about more than taking pictures. It’s about creating the images you’ll use to share your brand with the world and increase your sales!

Before your shoot, we talk about your goals and what you want to accomplish with your branding photos. I take time to learn about your business, what’s important to you, and how you want to be perceived by your potential clients. Then, I create a tailored shoot plan so that we show up knowing exactly what we’re doing on the big day. 

With a plan, we can go with the flow, vibe, and have a good time together. You can focus on letting your hair down and letting your uniqueness shine through. I capture the photography that will help you build brand awareness and catch the right people’s attention. We’ll end up having so much fun that you won’t believe how quickly our session flies by!

Posing Tips and Guidance to Help You Shine

Even the most self-assured people can get a little nervous or uncomfortable with having their photo taken. So at your personal branding session, I make sure it’s never awkward! Before we begin with your pictures, we’ll chat and put on some good music to help you get your jitters out.

Then, we start with action shots – Nothing too crazy! Think turning, smiling, walking through a beautiful space, or a happy jump in the air.  Movement photos will help you warm up, get comfortable, and authentically interact with your environment. It feels more natural to be doing things and moving your body than it does to pose, so it’s a nice way to ease into your session.

In a side-by-side display, a woman posts in two pictures. Philadelphia photographer Ann Blake makes sure your branding session is a positive and fun experience.

When we’ve gotten all the great shots of you doing your thing, we’ll dive into the more posed and modern headshots (You know, the ones perfect for your speaking engagement promos or your LinkedIn profile). Once we have a great collection of those traditional shots, we’ll move onto your next location and outfit!

A Library of Photos You Need for Your Business

After a fun personal branding session with me, you’ll feel accomplished and excited: You’re about to level-up your business! I’ll compile your images into an online library full of perfectly curated photos for your content marketing. And because I tailored your session plans to meet your specific photo needs, you know you have the exact photos to elevate your branding. 

When you open up your personal branding library, you’ll be absolutely floored by how gorgeous you look and how professional your images are. Armed with branded photos that establish your credibility and individuality, you’ll be confident to show up as a leader and expert online! 

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to schedule your personal branding session? Let’s work together to create images you’ll be proud to share throughout your business. The best part? We’re going to have a lot of fun doing it! Contact me to schedule your session.

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