The 3 Types of Personal Brand Photos You Need to Market Your Business

For entrepreneurs with personal brands, the right imagery is crucial to connecting with your audience and making a lasting impression on them. Beautiful and strategic personal brand photos are the secret sauce to building relationships with your followers. The right imagery will help them get to know, like, and trust you, and will open the door to them investing in your business and converting to customers!

Today I’m sharing the three types of personal brand photos you need to market your business. 

1. Professional Camera-Aware Headshots

Look, when I say “headshots,” I’m not talking about the traditional, boring pictures you might be imagining: You know, the old school cropped photos of you from the neck up, cheesing against a solid or satin background? The days of impersonal and generic headshots are done!

Modern headshots are personal brand photos that give viewers a quick snapshot of who you are and what they can expect working with you. They clearly communicate that you’re professional and credible. And, they can give you an edge over the competition. 

Professional camera-aware headshots (meaning you are looking at the camera) help you build the “know factor,” aka they give your audience the sense that they know and understand you and your business.

Philadelphia photographer Ann Blake captures a client holding her product.

I work with clients to plan and style headshots so they represent your unique personality and shape how your audience will perceive you through your images. Whether you want to set a laid-back and creative tone or a more structured and polished professional presence, we can create headshots that convey that message.

Headshots are a staple for marketing and promoting your brand. Every time I have new headshots taken, I update them in every area of my business. When done right, headshots are the universal images you can use everywhere, including:

  • Website bio 
  • Email signatures
  • Author profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Marketing collateral
  • Speaker bios
  • Press releases
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Blog features

Ann Blake personal brand photography Philadelphia

2. Relaxed Lifestyle Imagery 

When it comes to the personal brand photos that will make your business unique and help you stand out in the crowd, relaxed lifestyle imagery is key. 

With these photos, you can express yourself and highlight what makes you special. Lifestyle imagery shows viewers what you do, how you do it, where you do it, and why.

We plan lifestyle images to show the person behind the brand, and your services or products in action! These are the fun photos of you in your favorite work environment or space, being yourself and enjoying what you do. 

Whether you’re kicking up your feet with your laptop on your couch, staging a real estate listing, or focused at your office desk, we’ll highlight you in your element!

Ann Blake captures photos of an entrepreneur at work.

Relaxed lifestyle imagery is important because they help your audience get a sense of what it’s like to work with you, which can contribute to that “Like Factor” that plays a big part in their decision to hire you or purchase from you. 

Are you upbeat and casual, focused and serious, or fun and colorful? Lifestyle imagery gives you a chance to paint that picture for viewers.

Think of your audience viewing these photos as if you’re inviting them into your home. You’re having a great time, connecting with them, and giving them a sneak peek into your world. Lifestyle images let people see a deeper side of you that makes them want to connect with you again and again!

3. Detail and Behind the Scenes Shots

Think about the Instagram accounts you love to follow and engage with. I’m willing to bet that they’re the ones where you feel some sort of human connection–the ones where the content they share shows that there’s a real person on the other side of the lens.

When people have insight into your personal life, it makes you more relatable. And when you show that you’re human, approachable, and just like them, you’re able to build the “Trust Factor” with your audience.

Personal brand photos highlighting the details and behind-the-scenes moments in your business help you build a deeper connection with your prospective customers and clients. 

Ann Blake, Philadelphia photographer, captures photos of a client's products.

Followers and connections get glimpses of your life, the hard work and dedication you pour into your small business, and your passion for what you do. You gain their admiration and support, and they’ll want to be a part of that magic.

In your detail and behind-the-scenes photos, it’s important to show your audience that you’re authentic, what you bring to the table, and that your brand aligns with your values.

Ann Blake personal brand photography tips, Philadelphia

Some of the best ways to do this include sharing the realities of running your business: the highs and lows, wins and losses, fun and challenges, and everything in between! 

Here are some ideas of detail and behind the scenes shots your followers will love:

  • Family outings
  • Date nights
  • Daily routines, like your go-to iced coffee recipe or your affirmations
  • Industry events or client outings
  • Fun moments with friends
  • Moments from vacations
  • A look at your desk or office space
  • How you create your service or product (think time lapses!)
  • Sneak peeks of products, projects, or courses you’re working on
  • Truth bombs about your failures, lessons, and struggles
  • Your favorite downtime activities
  • Exciting wins and accomplishments
  • Intros to your team!

Let’s Create The Personal Brand Photos You Need!

Ready to start showing up like a boss in your business? Visit my Branding Portraits page to learn how my personal brand photos will give you the headshots, lifestyle, and behind the scene photos you need to market your business and increase your sales!

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