nice to meet you

I see the world through the lens of a scientist. 

I observe, I understand, and I document. 

No matter what I’m doing, working as a nurse or photographer, I act on these principles.

I listen to a patient’s symptoms. I discover what makes my clients really smile. I know when they need stitches. I learn the rhythms of their natural poses. I send them on their way with a lollipop. I snap a photo of a child at just the right moment. 

Whether I’m in scrubs or behind my camera for Ann Blake Photography, I’m here to blend the worlds of art and science.

I love relaxing with my family at home. Thanks to all the hours I spend watching Joanna Gaines perfect her interior design, I’ve made decorating a priority of my own. Each room is decorated with simple neutrals and a touch of glam. Mirror tables, fresh flowers, and a beautiful spread of food are primed for Sunday dinners with friends and family.

At the end of the day, I love walking through the door and looking up at the gallery wall in the living room. It shows me what everything I do is for – family. That’s why I love helping my clients create these photos for themselves, so that they can hang up their own photos and feel gratitude for one another.

– ann

Lifestyle Headshot of Philadelphia Family Photographer Ann Blake


We are so happy that we decided to book Ann. She is very easy-going, loving, and informative. And her ability to work with natural light is amazing! She has the ability to put everyone at ease and capture beautiful memories that we will cherish forever. Her work has exceeded our expectations by far. We totally recommend her without any reservations!

What’s in my camera bag?

50mm canon lens

A 50mm lens for the see-their-beauty-as-my-eye-sees-them shots.

What’s in my camera bag?

gummy bears

A bag of gummy bears, a form of bribery reward for the little ones I photograph (and maybe a snack for myself, who am I kidding).

What’s in my camera bag?

emergency kit

An emergency fashion kit for my clients; it’s got everything for any situation you might run into. Need your hair combed back? A button sewn back on? I got you! 


the memories

that inspire my mission to print your photos

When I was a child, I would thumb through old family albums, instantly drawn to the essence of whoever was in front of the camera. I loved seeing images of my family enjoying each other and having a good time. To get a glimpse into their lives was magical to me. Sitting with my parents, asking them to tell me the stories behind each and every photo, are some of my fondest memories. Those times spent hanging on to their every word, gave me a strong sense of my family’s history and about the legacy of those I never got the the chance to meet. 

Now as a wife and mother of two boys, I love sharing those memories with my own family. I truly believe that printed photographs are so important. And the best way to document your family’s story. My goal in every photo session is to capture your special moments for you… those silly quirks, and those little things that makes your family exactly who they are. If I can do that, then you can relive those simple, special moments in your life- and your children’s lives- and never forget them.