How to Take Photos of Your Kids

Yall, I never thought a virus could ever inspire me, but I’m always the one to look for a silver lining in every moment. I’ve seen many facebook posts agonizing over how to pass the time as we process our current quarantine. And this is my chance to offer another view of things; sharing my photography skills on how to take photos of your kids to inspire you and add some light to the world.

We are so incredibly blessed to have a tribe of our own to get through this experience with as a family! They are forever riding with us through both the happiest of times and the messiest of times. And, yes, right now I know your to do lists are long. And, that there is still plenty of work going as you try to balance working from home and caring for you kids.

how to take photos of your kids indoors

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers as mothers. But in the midst of all the work and all the stress of this current uncertainty, imagine your child is being absolutely adorable, with a big smile on his or her face, dancing and laughing and just being a kid. Then, you pull out your phone to snap a quick photo so you can remember that moment forever…

That memory frozen in time is priceless my friend. In the midst of all the chaos, these are the memories that you will treasure years from now! Documenting a snapshot of our lives during these times will live on to tell stories of how we got through this with joy, laughter and creativity. So don’t pass this opportunity to slow life down and savor this time we have with our children!

image example of thow to take photos of your kids

5 Tips on How to Take Photos of Your Kids

Here are a few tips you can use to document your family — while we’re all spending a little more time indoors these days.

Let them keep moving

You don’t need to have your kid frozen in place to get a great photo. Let your child keep moving — it’ll help you capture a more genuine moment. To get a good photo that isn’t blurry, shoot in burst mode to capture several photos by holding down your finger on shutter button on your iPhone. Then, hit select below your “burst” photo and pick your best shot.

big brother plays with his baby brother in a modern living room

Take lots of photos

Don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos of your kids, even more than you think you need. Kids move fast, and sometimes the cutest moments go by in the blink of an eye. To get the most out of a pose, take several photos from different angles. A few angles I like to run through are: a horizontal photo, a vertical photo, a close-up photo and sometimes a photo from above.

moving toddler takes a photo with a big rock in national park

Play, don’t pose

You’re not trying to capture fake, posed smiles. You’re looking for genuine, excited, giggly smiles. If your little one is having a great time and they’re feeling truly happy, their emotions will shine through on their face. My best tip for getting genuine smiles is to set up a fun activity for them to enjoy or play a game for real joy!

father has a tickle fest with his two toddlers on a park trail in philadelphia

Don’t use flash

Look for natural light — it’s much softer and more flattering than the flash. That doesn’t mean you have to go outside — if you’re inside, look for a room in your home that gets the best window light or open a door to let some more light into the room!

how to take photos of your kids laughing

Get on their level

Crouch down so you (and your phone) are at eye-level with your kids. It’ll give you a better angle and helps you see the world from their perspective. Aim for a background that’s clean and uncluttered. The best way to grab this shot is in your bedroom in the early or late mornings.

brother and sister take a sibling portrait in a natural light studio

Quick Recap on 5 Tips on How to Take Photos of Your Kids

  1. Let them keep moving and shoot in burst mode to capture the sharpest photo.
  2. Take lots of photos to capture little ones on the move from different angles.
  3. Skip stiff traditional poses, instead play a fun activity or game for genuine smiles.
  4. Don’t use flash, find a room in your home with the best window light and shoot there. Natural light is best!
  5. Get down to eye-level with your kids and shoot from their perspective. You’ll love these close ups.

Whether you’re working with a DSLR camera or just the camera on your phone, these tips for taking family photos at home will definitely help you get great, natural photos of your adorable kids. Looking to step up your photography game even more? Consider taking my free phone photography class, click HERE to sign up for the email course to be delivered straight to your inbox!

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