2020 Goals + January Recap

I’ve never ever posted my yearly goals, but I think documenting my 2020 goals journey this year will be an amazing discovery. So, today I’m putting my 2020 goals on the blog! And, I’m going to make this a monthly series where I share my goals for the current month, as well as reflect on my accomplishments and lessons of the prior month.

One thing that always trips me up on setting intentions and goals, for the new year, is follow through. With that in mind I set out to start a small mastermind group with two of my friends. It’s called the Get Bossed Up Mastermind and we meet weekly via zoom calls to discuss the previous week’s tasks. Monthly we get together in person and plan out the actionable steps to make the next month’s goals happen.

I am so grateful for the check-ins, encouragement and the unsugarcoated truth! These ladies keep me in check and our mastermind has been everything I was looking for in a group of women outside of my personal industry. We kicked things off in December so that we could hit the first week of January in good stride. First, I brain dumped my goals for the year and dropped them into buckets. My 2020 goals fall into these buckets: Family, Spiritual, Business, Wellness, Financial, Social, Intellectual, and Home. So let me share with you my overarching goals for each bucket.

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2020 Goals

  1. FAMILY :: Spend more time with the ones that I hold so dearly to my heart.
  2. SPIRITUAL :: Build a deeper relationship with God and be consistent in my fellowship.
  3. BUSINESS :: Create an amazing portrait experience for clients and launch an online course.
  4. WELLNESS :: This year my focus is on mindset and the balance between work, family and self-care.
  5. FINANCIALLY :: Consistently spend less than I earn and create a savings/investment strategy.
  6. SOCIAL :: This is a big one for me, I’m such a homebody. My goal is to say YES to more experiences.
  7. INTELLECTUAL :: I love reading real books and I definitely want to get back to that!
  8. HOME :: Organization! I like everything to have a place and a purpose. So this is key for my happiness.

These are the buckets that I focus on when setting out writing down my monthly goals. My business goals are written out extensively at the beginning of the year, as there are many moving parts and most of it relies on implementing a marketing plan and nurturing great relationships. But the rest of the buckets, I address prior to the start of a new month.

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January Goals

  • Reserve Sundays for family-centered time- I crossed these days of on my calendar on paper and online. So this was an easy achievement.
  • Talk to God daily- This was a struggle, but I still tried my best. It was hard trying to keep my mind still and focus on one thing.
  • Write down my entire client workflow from inquiry to product delivery- This was such a good exercise and my mastermind group really held me to this in our check-ins. With a little automation work this quarter, some tech and a little more thoughtfulness, I’m ready to provide every family with beautiful art for their homes.
  • Cook more meals at home and limit takeout/restaurant dining- I deleted Doordash, Ubereats and Grubhub from my phone. I looked up meal plans and prepared meals that could stretch two to three days in our house, and sourced some meal ideas from friends. And, I learned that batching meals twice a week has been an enjoyable stress reliever after a long work day. I simply pour a glass of wine, tell Google home to play some music and I’m game. Right now it’s a toss up between Megan the Stallion and JLo playlists on spotify.
  • Write out an updated income and expense sheet- This is how I found out the exact amount I’ve spent on food in December. I use Mint to track how much I bring in between nursing and photography each month. The app tracks what I spend by automatically assigning it to a category.
  • Hang out with an old friend this month- Well my first love is dining out, so this turned into a well over due girls’ night. It really took everything out of me not to cancel, but I’m so happy I went out. Definitely need more of that!
  • Finish reading Profit First- So I realized, my HATE of not completing a written goal. I honestly forgot that I even made this goal, and I haven’t picked up a book in months. So this will be carried over to February’s goals! 🤣
  • Organize and decorate my laundry closet- Done thanks to Pinterest!

February Goals

  • Get out of the house for a family-centered activity each week.
  • Start my day with a prayer.
  • Start blogging weekly after publishing this post.
  • Drink H2O daily! (I hate water, so this is going to be a feat in itself!)
  • Hire a financial advisor/coach.
  • Attend one class/event this month.
  • Read Profit First.
  • Make a list of home repairs and projects I liked to have completed.

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Have you set any goals for 2020?

I hope this blog post inspired you to write down your goals. Get out a pencil and paper and brain dump everything you want to achieve, and then put them into a schedule to systematically cross them off one by one. I like to use pen and paper to get my ideas and thoughts out. Then, I put them online in a google doc/Asana/Trello depending on what I’m working on.

Let me know what you’re working on in the comments!





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